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Most texts on ultrasonography in pregnancy are arranged by organ system. This is a good way to learn the subject to begin with. However, when a case presents, many organ systems may be involved. “Interpreting Obstetric Ultrasound” is written using this real-life case-based approach involving genuine clinical problems. It discusses the possible causes of each problem as well as the approach to be followed in each case. The book is comprehensively illustrated with over one hundred ultrasound scans obtained and explained by the author during his many years of experience in this field. It will be read by practising obstetricians, ultrasonographers, radiologists and specialists in maternal-fetal medicine, and will also help candidates prepare for the MRCOG exam, the RCR/RCOG diploma in obstetric ultrasound and equivalent postgraduate courses worldwide.

1. Increased Nuchal Translucency 2. Twin Gestation and Invasive Testing 3. Anhydramnios 4. Increased Amniotic Fluid Volume 5. Echogenic Bowel 6. Intracranial Cysts 7. Mild Renal Pelvic Dilatation 8. Intra-abdominal Cysts 9. Positive Uterine Artery Doppler Screen 10. Ventriculomegaly 11. Enlarged Cisterna Magna 12. Shortening of Long Bones 13. Presence of a Soft Marker on an Anomaly Scan 14. Suspected Fetal Growth Restriction 15. Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome 16. Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy 17. Red Cell Alloimmunisation 18. Hydrops Fetalis 19. Obstructive Uropathy 20. Ultrasound Diagnosis of Placenta Previa 21. Two-Vessel Cord 22. Facial Cleft 23. Irregular Heart Rhythm on Fetal Heart Auscultation

ISBN: 9781848290297
Publication: April 2009
Format: Paperback
Price: £19.99 $40.00

*Real life case studies
*Highly experienced author
*Over 100 images clearly
displayed and explained