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nflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is a highly aggressive and thankfully rare type of breast cancer, which is not yet widely recognised both by the public and the medical profession. When a patient presents to her GP, there is often a misdiagnosis in the first instance. This is because the symptoms include swelling, redness and heat in the breast, but often no discernible lump. Consequently the condition may be only diagnosed as a less serious dermatological problem. The author is herself a survivor of breast cancer and can therefore write with expert knowledge and experience. She discusses with compassion, insight and humour everything a person ought to know about IBC - the patient's initial fears, the diagnosis, best place for treatment, the operation itself, and post-op care. She discusses the different forms of treatment, and also the side issues - where to find support from carers and friends, what to eat, how/where to go on holiday - a valuable resource of information both for the patient and the professionals involved. Of course the book also tackles the scientific and medical issues and the various drugs used in the treatment, but Verite writes throughout in a clear, simple style that enables easy understanding of the more complex details. There are many books on breast cancer, but this is the first to specifically discuss inflammatory breast cancer. It is a guide book that will be immensely valuable to IBC sufferers, their carers, family and friends, and to GPs and oncologists around the world.

1. Introduction 2. What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer? 3. Diagnosis 4. Help - what should I ask doctors and nurses? 5. Where do I find sensible website info? 6. Operation 7. After your op - returning home 8. Treatment after the operation 9. How will I feel? 10. Chemotherapy 11. Radiotherapy 12. Hormonal drugs 13. Handling side effects from chemo and hormonal drugs 14. Complimentary and alternative therapies 15. Why have massage? 16. Now I want to know - where to find help 18. Carers and friends - how they can help 19. Food, weight gain/loss, what can I eat 20. Take a holiday - but where/how? 21. Doctors are humans - how to deal with them 22. Having fun - where to go for information on what's good 23. The help minefield 24. Regaining my life - and handling change 25. Contacts, organisation, charities, international agencies and other helpful people 26. Index

ISBN: 9781848290396
Publication: July 2010
Format: Paperback
Price: £12.99 $19.99

*Compassionate guide for suffers
of rare cancer
*Easy to read, serious issues treated with humour