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Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK
L.G.I. Hospital, Leeds, UK
West Yorkshire Radiology Academy, Leeds, UK

Ultrasound is a demanding speciality requiring an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physics and pathology as well as many hours of practical scanning experience. Trainees are required to attain high levels of competency in a relatively short period of time and ultrasound images play an ever increasing role in the radiology fellowship examinations.

This book has been written to give trainees exposure to a wide range of ultrasound pathologies and has been compiled in a question-and-answer format to aid with exam preparation. In most instances there is a specific answer, but in some a limited differential diagnosis is required. Selected images with typical accompanying case histories are provided and are followed by a labelled image and summary of the salient diagnostic features of that condition. Some ‘hints’ are included to aid with day-to-day practice.

Although specifically aimed at radiology trainees, this series of case reviews will also be useful to sonographers, physicians, medical students and anyone with an interest in ultrasound.

Growth in machine operating parameters and user expectations require exacting methods. Emphasis is placed on practical methods related to instrumentation, understanding concepts, interpreting results and obtaining solutions. Analysis as a problem-solving tool is the focus.

Renal and Renal Transplant, Gallbladder, Pancreas and Spleen, Liver and Liver Transplant, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Cardiovascular, Testicular, Thyroid

ISBN: 9781848290495
Publication: July 2011
Format: Paperback
Price: £35.00 $60.00

*Case studies from all body systems
*High quality clearly labelled images