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Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK

The FRCR examination was recently changed and now comprises two modules: physics and radiological anatomy. The anatomy module is new, and consists of 20 radiological images, with 5 questions on each image, 100 questions in all.

The anatomy examination lasts for 75 minutes and incorporates 20 separate images (cases) with 5 questions per case, producing a total of 100 questions. The cases will be presented at computer work-stations, with separate written answer sheets for completion. In this book we present 5 complete ‘mock’ anatomy examinations, with a total of 500 questions. We have stayed true to the lay out of the RCR sample questions and answer sheets to ensure familiarity.

The anatomical structures should not be ambiguous and, if necessary, there will be more than one arrow to indicate the appropriate structure (a concept that has been included in some of the example questions in this book). As a rule, the candidate should make an attempt to answer ALL questions in the exam as there is no negative marking. It is advised that answers be as complete as possible, for instance the use of ‘left’ or ‘right’ if this can be derived from the image, or rather than simply stating ‘acromion’, use the ‘acromion process of the scapula’ – if you have the knowledge, use it!

This book should not be used as a primary revision tool, rather a practice aid to test the candidate against the clock in exam conditions and highlight any areas of weakness or imaging examinations that the candidate may be unfamiliar with. Primary revision is suggested by using traditional anatomy alongside radiology-based anatomy textbooks. It is also necessary to experience everyday radiological investigations, and even more specialist investigations, as essentially any type of radiological image can be used for assessment of anatomical knowledge in this examination.

ISBN: 9781848290556
Publication: January 2011
Format: Paperback
Price: £24.99 $50.00

*100% relevant to the new format
*Authors run FRCR Part 1 courses
*500 questions