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Christine Clifford says, “laughter reaches a place no medicine can touch; the soul”. She firmly believes, that during her cancer, laughter saved something as important as her life during cancer: her spirit. All too often our sense of humor escapes us in times of trouble, yet Christine believes laughter has many therapeutic effects and can assist in fighting illness. She is founder of The Cancer Club® ( and Laugh ‘Til It Heals is being published in response to the thousands of funny stories Christine has been collecting from Club members since she started the company in 1995.

Laugh ‘Til it Heals explores the humorous side of cancer while also providing information on how to support someone who has cancer, and giving advice regarding beneficial nutrition. The book is also practical in citing resources created by cancer patients worldwide. As you read these touching stories you will laugh out loud with the storyteller. Laugh at the story of a woman chasing tumbleweed (her wig) across the parking lot on a windy day, or the woman who suffered the side effect of a powerful diuretic in public. As Christine says, “Don’t forget to laugh!”™

One of Christine’s members had been very depressed since her mastectomy. One day all that changed and she appeared to be much more back to her “old self”. A good friend noticed and asked her friend what the difference was. Her reply encapsulates the essence of the book, “Last Tuesday I just woke up and I realized that my sense of humor wasn’t in my left breast”.

ISBN: 9781848290662
Publication: October 2011
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99 $14.95

*Advocates laughing when fate deals us a blow in order to overcome a problem.
*Bestselling author and a Certified Speaking Professional.