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Comprehensive Ophthalmology 5th edition

Dr A K Khurana
Prof Post Grad Inst. of Med Science, Rohtak, India; WHO Fellowship Holder, Moorfields, London.

The fifth edition of this outstanding textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated without changing the basic structure and organization. New features to this edition comprise – Corneal dystrophies have been described as per the new IC3D (2008) classification • New dry eye classification and management as per the DEWS (Dry Eye Workshop) recommendations • Recent advances in cataract surgery with newer designs and models of intraocular lenses • Completely changed primary angle-closure glaucoma text as per the newer concepts and guidelines by the Association of International Glaucoma Societies (AIGS) • Addition of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with description of common macular disorders • Addition of anti-VEGF agents and intraocular irrigating solutions among ocular therapeutics • Comprehensive coverage and update on community ophthalmologyAbout the Author.

Section I
: Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases of the Eye • Anatomy and Development of the Eye • Physiology of Eye and Vision • Optics and Refraction • Diseases of the Conjunctiva • Diseases of the Cornea • Diseases of the Sclera • Diseases of the Uveal Tract • Diseases of the Lens • Glaucoma • Diseases of the Vitreous • Diseases of the Retina • Neuro-ophthalmology • Disorders of Ocular Motility • Diseases of the Eyelids • Diseases of the Lacrimal Apparatus • Diseases of the Orbit • Ocular Injuries • Ocular Therapeutics, Lasers and Cryotherapy in Ophthalmology • Systemic Ophthalmology • Community Ophthalmolog

Section II : Practical Ophthalmology • Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology • Clinical Ophthalmic Cases • Darkroom Procedures • Ophthalmic Instruments and Operative Ophthalmology

ISBN: 9781848290732
Publication: February 2014
Format: Paperback
Price: £55.00 $99.00

*Fifth edition, revised and updated
*Includes many new features
*Retains original structure and organisation of earlier editions.