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John Martin Littlejohn, An Enigma of Osteopathy

Osteopathic Historian at National
Osteopathic Archive

J Martin Littlejohn was a person who stood literally and figuratively shoulder to shoulder with the founder of osteopathy, A T Still. A proud presbyterian Scot who made his career and reputation in the USA, only to have it questioned and discredited after returning to pursue his osteopathic practice in London, Littlejohn was a controversial character. Undoubtedly a pioneer in establishing osteopathic medicine both in the USA and in the UK, he was also a fraud, using contentious qualifications to promote his academic and scientific credibility.

No one has been able to write a comprehensive study of Littlejohn until now. John O’Brien has spent years researching the man. Using the objective eye of a professional historian, he has visited the institutions of Littlejohn’s life and career, in Northern Ireland, Chicago, Illinois and Kirksville, Missouri, and the National Osteopathic Archive in London, as well as holding interviews with Littlejohn’s family in the UK. He was granted access to previously unseen historic material as well as personal family mementos and photographs.

This book will be read by anyone with an interest in the history of osteopathy. It gives a thorough description of the life and work of J Martin Littlejohn, with a broad analysis of how and why he took the major decisions to affect his career, for good or bad. And of course the consequences of those decisions, which had a major influence on the development of osteopathy in the 20th century.

1. The Early Decades: Birth, Adolescence and Adulthood (1865-1898)  2. The Kirksville Years (1898-1900) 3. The Chicago Years  4. Those Degrees, Doctorates and Visits: Return to Britain  5. The House of Lords Select Committee Hearing 1935   6. The Gloaming Years (1936 – 1947)  7. Finale.

ISBN: 9781848291386
Publication: October 2015
Format: Paperback
Price: £22.99 $35.00

*30 photographs, some previously unseen
*Author access to previously unseen archives.
*Contributions from Littlejohn family.