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The ABCDE Approach

Dr Mirka Slavska
Dr Charity J Knight
Dr Chiara C Frendo-Balzan

The Part 2 MRCOG exam consists of single best answer questions (SBAs) and extended matching questions (EMQs). It is vital that candidates have revised in accordance with the recommended syllabus and practiced relevant questions for the exam.

The 3 authors of SBAs for MRCOG Part 2 have all recently sat the exam themselves, and were therefore able to identify gaps in the SBAs that previously were not addressed or assessed by available literature.

This book provides questions and answers, explanations and references, which cover every subject, including clinical governance, statistics, colposcopy and HPV, oncology, fertility, urogynaecology and maternal mortality.

SBAs for MRCOG Part 2 is divided into two parts: questions and answers. The first part contains over 300 questions covering 18 recommended modules. These are then followed by mock gynaecology and obstetrics exams, each with the requisite 50 questions. The second part gives the answers to each question, as well as a thorough explanation and also an up to date reference for further reading.

This book can be used for individual reading or as a source material for group revision. .

1. Introduction. 2. Questions - 18 modules. 3. Mock exams. 4. Answers – with references. 5. Mock exam answers – with references.

ISBN: 9781848291430
Publication: September 2017
Format: Paperback
Price: £24.95 $34.95

*Over 300 questions covering
18 recomended modules
*Mock gynaecology and
obstetrics exams