Anshan Navigation


Professor of Anatomy, Rohtak, India

Anatomy & Physiology are core components of the nursing curriculum. All nursing students must have a basic understanding of the make up of the human body. Therefore it is essential that they can study from a textbook which is well written, clear, concise and easy to use. With this book Dr Singh explains and illustrates everything that a student nurse needs to know, as well as providing an introduction to common diseases that affect different organs of the body.

The appendices to the book also provide an aid to further learning, in the form of atlases of important parts of the body. The text is accompanied by over 450 illustrations to facilitate and enhance understanding.

Learning the Language of Medicine • A Brief Introduction to Bones, Joints and Muscles • A Brief Introduction to Organ Systems of the Body • Introduction to Body Functions • Essential Chemistry • Cell Structure • Tissues of the Body: Epithelia and Glands • General Connective tissue • Cartilage and Bone • Muscle and Nervous Tissue • Blood • Cardiovascular System • Lymphoid Tissues and Immunity • Skin and its Appendages • the Respiratory System • The Alimentary Canal • Liver and Pancreas • Nutrition, Digestion and Metabolism • Urinary System • Male Reproductive Organs • Female Reproductive Organs • The Endocrine System • The Nervous System • The Eye and Ear.

Appendix 1: Some Important Bones
Appendix 2: Some Important Arteries and Veins
Appendix 3: Some Important Nerves

ISBN: 9781904798354
Publication: May 2005
Format: Paperback
Price: £14.99 $24.95

*Full colour throughout
*470 colour illustrations applications
*Simple, clear, concise