Anshan Navigation


Rohtak, India

This mini atlas is a concise pocket revision guide to histology. This subject is very important to undergraduate medical students and there are a number of classic textbooks on the subject. But nowadays a student doesn’t have time to revisit the textbooks before an exam, so this succinct mini atlas is the perfect tool to use for revision and self-testing.

The book contains 200 hand drawn full colour images across 20 chapters. Each image is fully annotated, with a concise description and explanation of the tissue in question. There is also a free photo CD Rom included with the book so that the student may review the same images in larger format on screen.

In summary the mini atlas of histology is an excellent easy to read, pocket revision guide for medical undergraduates.

1.Epithelia 2. Glands 3. General Connective Tissue 4. Cartilage 5. Bone 6. Muscle 7. Nervous Tissue 8. The Cardiovascular System 9. Lymphatics and Lymphoid Tissue 10. Skin and its Appendages 11. Respiratory System 12. Oral Cavity and Related Structures 13. Oesophagus, Stomach and Intestines 14. The Liver and Pancreas 15. The Urinary Organs 16. The Male Reproductive Organs 17. The Female Reproductive Organs 18. The Endocrine System 19. The Eye 20. The Ear

ISBN: 9781905740307
Publication: April 2007
Format: Paperback
Price: £19.99

*Outstanding complement to standard textbooks
*Excellent revision aid for undergraduates
*Free CD Rom