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Dept of Periodontics, Dr S Syamala Reddy Dental College, Bengaluru, India

This mini atlas has been written to serve as a guide for students and practitioners with a special interest in the sub-discipline of Periodontics. It is intended to be used as both a revision guide and a pocket reference for professionals.

It provides an overview of the various types of Periodontal disease their pathogenesis and their various treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. Hundreds of colour photos and images illustrate the text and are also included on the free enclosed accompanying CD Rom.

1. Biology of Periodontal Tissues 2. Periodontal Microbiology (Dental Plaque) 3. Calculus and Other Etiological Factors 4. Gingival Inflammation 5. Clinical Features of Gingivitis 6. The Periodontal Pocket 7. Bone Loss and Patterns of Bone Destruction 8. Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases 9. Plaque Control 10. Suturing Techniques 11. Gingivectomy 12. Periodontal Flap 13. Osseous Surgery 14. Mucogingival Surgery

ISBN: 9781905740420
Publication: April 2009
Format: Paperback
Price: £19.99

*Outstanding complement to standard textbooks
*Excellent revision aid for undergraduates
*Free CD Rom